Healthy cooking meets Japanese elegance

abien MAGIC GRILL – Japanese minimalism and technical perfection bring balanced meals effortlessly on your table

Stylish minimalism beyond mainstream

Stylish minimalism beyond mainstream

Cooking appliance in minimalist teppanyaki design: this technical masterpiece is convincing with its aesthetic sophistication. It is inspired by the traditional Japanese culture of simplicity and clarity. Its unique blend of beauty and technology sets it, and its owner, apart from the crowds.

Light and healthy

Light and healthy

Whether you want to prepare fresh, unprocessed foods, cook fat-free or refine the taste of your meals - the abien Magic Grill is your perfect companion, also for a plant-based diet.

Light and healthy
Pleasure of cooking together

Pleasure of cooking together

Experience the playful joy of cooking together, directly at the table, with family and friends. Your abien MAGIC GRILL allows you to say goodbye to isolated kitchen work and instead spend precious time together at the dining table, on the balcony or camping.

Freedom of enjoying effortless cooking Freedom of enjoying effortless cooking

Freedom of enjoying effortless cooking

This device is easy to use and quick to clean thanks to its internal sophistication and technology. You don't need another pan. It is highly energy-efficient. Storage takes up very little space.

What Press thinks

  • Geprueft.de

    It was also enjoyable that after the grill plate had cooled down, the residues on it could be removed under running water and with a little washing-up liquid without much effort and within a minute. After rinsing, the grill can be put back in its packaging or placed in the kitchen to save space thanks to the removable feet.

    Geprueft.de "abien Magic Grill put to the test" by Daniel Kienhöfer. Read the full review
  • Tastybits.de

    We were particularly impressed by the high performance and even heat distribution of the MAGIC GRILL during our teppanyaki evenings.No matter how many ingredients are on the hot plate - the result is always wonderful and delicious. Lightly roasted flavours, crispy vegetables, juicy grilled meat and glassy fish - and all with virtually no odour or smoke.

    Tastybits.de "TEPPANYAKI (鉄板焼き) - JAPANESE GRILLING DIRECTLY AT THE TABLE!" cooked & written by Jannik Degner, 13 December 2023 Read the full review
  • Umihito.de

    The Abien Magic Grill impresses with its minimalist, Japanese-inspired design and well-thought-out functionality, which makes it both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Its modular design allows for easy cleaning and space-saving storage. It is a kitchen appliance for quick grilling and a stylish companion for shared meals. Its efficiency and ease of use characterises it and can quickly become a trend product. 9.8 points out of 10.

    Umihito.de "Abien Magic Grill - Minimalist Japanese table grill put to the test", by Ümit Memisoglu,18 March 2024 Read the full review
  • Spiegel Online (Spiegel Tests)

    The ... smartest table grill with clever heating technology. Who needs this? Anyone who wants a successful design around them and prepares fine food at the table.

    Spiegel Online (Spiegel Tests) "Grilling without smoke - how it works" by Peter Wagner, 16.03.2024 Read the full review


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Changed your mind? No problem. Please return the abien MAGIC GRILL to us within 30 days of your purchase. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price (with the exception of shipping costs for non-EU countries).

Friendly customer service

You may have technical questions about the abien MAGIC GRILL. We are more than happy to help you. Our service is there for you.

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Guarantee, no ifs and buts

Have you bought an abien MAGIC GRILL and there are surprisingly technical problems? Don't worry, you'll have a 2-year warranty after purchase. During this time, we will either repair it or simply replace it. And we will also cover the shipping costs in this case. Have a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions"

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Easy to use

Clip on the grill feet

Clip on the grill feet

Place the magnetic grill feet on the underside of the grill plate and connect with power cable.

[ 1 ]
Set temperature

Set temperature

Choose between the following levels: high: up to 250°C, medium: 190°C, low: 150°C, keep warm: 100°C

[ 2 ]


Place your fresh menu creations on the hot plate and look forward to your delicacies

[ 3 ]

Easy to Clean and Store



Often it is sufficient to clean the abien MAGIC GRILL with a cloth.

[ 1 ]


You can safely clean the grill plate under running water and with a little detergent

[ 2 ]


Simply place the abien MAGIC GRILL vertically on the shelf and connect the magnetic grill feet to the underside of the grill plate. Or: leave this designer piece and eye-catcher on your table or in the kitchen.

[ 3 ]


The innovative heating technology not only enables the creation of a new and surprising form factor ("reduced to the max"). It also provides you with superior cooking functionality, low energy consumption and excellent cooking results.

Polymer Heating Circuit

The hotplate embeds a cutting-edge polymer film heater consisting of an ultra-thin, high-density printed circuit of heating elements. This heat source, on top of a specific reflective layer, radiates upwards and is designed to provide energy-saving and uniform heat distribution with a temperature to up to 250˜ C. The heating element also works as a temperature sensor, detecting fluctuations on the entire plate’s surface, controlling the temperature quickly and preventing uneven browning and thereby minimizing power consumption. The hotplate’s design and its state-of-the-art not-stick coating helps you to achieve excellent grilling results and to easily clean and stow the device after the meal.

Heating system
Non-stick coating
Reflects Heat
Electrical insulation sheet
Circuit heater
Electrical insulation sheet
Stainless steel mirror surface plate

Technical specifications



Energy consumption

Average 950 Watts


3.1 kg



Electric cable length

1.8 m

Temperature settings

4 levels (High: up to 250°C, Medium: 190°C, Low: 150°C, Warm: 100°C)


15 A

Size (mm)

Exterior: 405 x 305 x 79
Plate: 405 x 305 x 34
Stand: 230 x 57 x 64


PFOS / PFOA free


NO dishwasher


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Frequently asked questions

The feet are not washable with water. Wipe off the dirt with dry/wet cloth

Yes, the plate can be washed in water as it is small enough to fit in the kitchen sink. The connecting terminal is also waterproof, but ensure all parts are thoroughly dried before use. Avoid using rough sponges, as they may scratch the surface. Please note, the plate is NOT dishwasher safe.

Yes, you can use metal tools, but scrubbing hard with them may damage the coating. We recommend using heat-resistant resin or wooden tools instead.

Yes, you can place heat-resistant tools like saucepans or cocottes on the plate. However, to avoid damaging the surface coating, we recommend placing a cooking sheet between the plate and the cookware.

Please avoid heating the grill without anything on it for an extended period, as this may cause malfunction.

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