abien has made it its passion to create products for future lifestyles through innovative development using the best technologies.

Joy that moves one's heart.

Our mission is to love technology and transform that technology into joy.

Our first product, 'abien MAGIC GRILL,' is a hot plate like you've never seen before, made possible by our developed circuit heater technology with a thickness of just 0.3mm.

We didn't set out to create a hot plate from the beginning. What we developed was the circuit heater technology, a potential that excites us. Using this overwhelmingly thin and versatile heater, we wondered what products, surprises, and joys we could create. The mere 1mm sheet is filled with the potential to generate numerous ideas.

Our Successes

Our flagship, the abien MAGIC GRILL series, have already conquered over 200,000 hearts in Japan alone. In Rakuten, which is Japan's largest e-commerce platform, the abien MAGIC GRILL is labeled as the No. 1 of all tabletop grills. It also won the "Good Design Award" in Japan in 2021, and the Gold Award in the category of cooking appliances.

Our Social Commitment

It is important to abien to be socially committed and to contribute to people's joie de vivre. For example, in 2022, we used the abien MAGIC GRILL for four days at an evacuation center in Katowice, Poland, to serve food during the Ukrainian Easter holidays. This brought smiles on the faces of many children.